This section provides responses to the most commonly asked questions about our service.

If they remain undetected, the STIs we test for can have serious long term health implications, can lie dormant for years and be transmitted to others. We offer a quick, practical, non-invasive way of testing for these key infections without the need for intimate body examinations or swab tests.

We offer a blood and urine test in order to cause the minimum amount of discomfort possible and provide the best possible accuracy.

Our testing requires a blood sample. Our phlebotomists are careful: however, bleeding and bruising sometimes do occur despite the best precautions.

Please make sure you read through our medical information about having your blood taken, which can be found here

We can only offer this service to those over the age of 18, and we cannot offer this service to people with bleeding disorders like Haemophilia or Von Willebrands or damaged / compromised veins.

We advise you attend your nearest GUM clinic or your own doctor as soon as possible.

Our service is not part of the National Health Service, and is designed to provide maximum anonymity and confidentiality in order to protect your identity. Our testing is conducted professionally, confirming to NEQAS standards.

We don't collect any personal details, our service uses a unique reference code which is personal to you. Unlike other STI screening providers we don't retain any of your information once you have your results. This means we cannot contact you, market to you, or sell your personal information to third parties.

Not everyone will have a debit/credit card or a Paypal account, or wish to pay this way. Our offline method provides a cash payment alternative which is anonymous.

If you choose to use our online payment method, you will have to provide enough information to our payment provider to authorise the payment (name, address, postcode). None of these details will be retained by us.

Once your tests are completed, our system will automatically send you your results via your chosen communication method, between 8am and 9pm.

As with many things relating to anonymity / security online, there are trade-offs to be made between ease of use and security. We will outline some guidance on the aspects of using our service which most affect your anonymity, but you must choose the balance of options which best suits your needs.

Online vs offline (cash) payments. While we don't store your payment information, our payment gateway will process your payment and an entry from Jomani (our nondescript company name) will appear on your statement. Offline (cash) payments can be made anonymously.

Communication methods. The security and anonymity of these depends on several factors, but in general SMS (text message) is the least secure method of communication. Note that for both email and SMS communications, these are sent via our selected 3rd party providers. This is also true for Threema messages, but these are encrypted on our own servers before they are sent to Threema, and only decrypted by your device (end to end encryption). If you are concerned about remaining anonymous, we recomend that you create a disposable email account to use to receive our communications.

Accessing our site. Depending where you access our site from may have different security implications. For example if you access our site on a shared computer or from work, the fact that you have been to the site may be visible to network administrators, or other users of the machine. It is now also a requirement for ISPs (your internet provider) within the UK to retain records of which sites their customers have visited, but not the specific pages visited. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investigatory_Powers_Act_2016 for more information.

There are several ways to visit our site anonymously if this concerns you, such as using a VPN (virtual private network) service or the TOR network (https://www.torproject.org), and using private browsing sessions.

In Summary, you can use our service with a high degree of anonymity if you:

  • create a new (free) email account to use for communications,
  • access our site through a VPN or TOR and
  • use our offline (cash) payment method.

We will only ever send you communications to do with your order. Whilst an acknowledgement of your order/booking will be sent immediately, any other communications will only be sent to you between 8am and 9pm.

  • We'll send you an order confirmation communication, and one to confirm your appointment details (these will be in the same message if you have chosen to pay online).
  • We'll also send you a message confirming that we've received any offline (cash) payments you make. Once our bank has confirmed your payment we'll send you an invitation to book an appointment online.
  • We'll send you a message containing your results once they are ready.
  • In the unlikely event we're unable to fulfil your appointment, we'll send you an invitation to re-book.

Once you've booked an appointment and made payment, we will ensure that the venue is organised to provide you with the service. If you miss your appointment the fee is non refundable.

If for any reason beyond your control the venue is unable to provide you with the service you have booked and paid for, we will re-arrange your appointment at no additional cost.

We aim to assist as many people as possible with our STI screening service and, after careful evaluation, have selected venues which are;

  • multi-purpose facilites to ensure our customers will remain anonymous
  • staffed by professionally trained personnel

There is a period of time following exposure to an STD before a test can detect whether or not you have it. Therefore it is important that you are tested after this minimum amount of time has elapsed. For our testing screen we ask that you have allowed 28 days to have passed from potential exposure, before you are tested.

Our tests are perfomed to high standards, and conforming to NEQAS standards, as a result we aim to get your results to you within five working days of your appointment.

No test is 100% accurate. To ensure you get the most accurate results possible, ensure that you are tested a minimum of 28 days after a potential exposure.

In a very small number of cases, biological variations and other human factors may mean you need a second test. It may also be prudent to be tested after being with a new partner, and you may also want to confirm a negative test six months after you have received a negative result.

In a very small number of cases, biological variations and other human factors may mean you need a second test. It may also be prudent to be tested after being with a new partner, or after six months.