We care about your sexual health, Confi-test was born from a need for more privacy and that's what we deliver, no personal information, fully encrypted results, and a fast, professional service, offering the upmost comfort throughout.

You're in control, choose where you want to see a medical professional, what time and how we communicate results.

All of our venues are carefully selected for their multi-purpose facilities, thus further protecting your privacy and confidentiality. In addition, they offer pleasant surroundings where you’ll be seen by hand picked professionals who will put you at ease and guide you through your appointment in a friendly manner.

To give you further peace of mind we are happy to declare that we are a UK based company, all the samples we take are tested within a leading UK laboratory and all of are directors are UK nationals.

This means that you are protected by UK laws regarding how we process your data (all of which is held within the UK), while at the same time you are protected from any legal access requests to our data as 30 days after we’ve sent your results anything linking your results to you is automatically purged from our systems.

Meet our Doctor

Dr Maurice Mann Dip GUM & Ven is a Doctor with nearly forty years' experience. He works in General Practice and Occupational Health. He has studied (GUM or STI's) and has gained a diploma qualification.

Everything about our service is overseen by Dr Mann. Staff are trained to the highest possible standards and we strive to provide a professional, polite, confidential and discreet service. Furthermore, all screening locations are monitored and visited to make sure they are upholding the high standards set out by Dr Mann.

A few words from Dr Maurice Mann…

"In a perfect world people would always "be safe" and avoid risky behaviours, however, life can be complex, and I am very aware that it can be difficult for some people to access health services and this can cause worry, I see ourselves offering more choice and peace of mind, for those who choose it."


Please see our responses to the most commonly asked questions about the service we provide.